SMOVE! - Stopping Movement Training

Stopping Movement Training of the Grinberg Method

Out of the head, into the body:
learning through movement

Get out of the old, constricting rut: With Stopping Movement Training we learn to break through ingrained patterns of movement and behaviour. As we train our attention and perception, our breathing capacity, concentration and joy of movement are deepened. We detach ourselves from the demand for perfection. Lightness and joy take hold. sMove! is really fun!

What happens at sMove!

At Stopping Movement Training we train our body with different movements and at different speeds. Single or several areas, up to the whole body are in use. We also find it easier to let go, breathe and feel ourselves. Stopping Movement Training is a unique, refreshing concept of group movement work, developed 25 years ago by the founder of the Grinberg Method Avi Grinberg. As in the individual sessions, the focus is on getting out of the head and into the body.

Within defined limits, the body can increasingly free itself from blockages. Flexibility increases in all areas of our being, and physical and emotional healing occurs. As we train our attention and perception, our concentration and joy of movement is deepened.

Stopping Movement Training sMove

What is behind sMove!

Behind the concept of sMove! – and the Grinberg Method in general – is the release of patterns and personality aspects that limit us and block our energy, creativity and health. We train to  free ourselves of the imprints that we hold within us, unintentionally and unconsciously. Thus, this training promotes a freedom, openness and healing power that is naturally inherent in all of us as potential.

Stopping Movement Training sMove

sMove! – fun and learning while moving

We shift our attention from daily stress towards the body and movement. Through the variety of movements we put an end to ingrained patterns such as:

stiff sitting, restless waiting, tense brooding, unfocused learning, an angry urge to do better, an exhausting feeling of must-do and struggling to catch up.

We know all this, but we don’t need it ?

If we reduce repetitions, our wealth of experience becomes greater, we experience more. We can react more flexibly or resiliently to circumstances and have an easier time.

Stopping the movement breaks routines. It also makes us more aware of our body and the space around us.


Stopping Movement Training is based on movement with music

Within defined parameters like different areas of the body, different speeds, different sizes, we become more mobile. We also use balls, sticks, bands, ropes. We train standing up, lying down, sitting, moveing in space and more.

We encourage the body’s variety of movements. We break our own routines with it. Free, flexible movements can develop naturally. Our energy level increases, we feel light and full of strength at the same time.

At first you might think that we only stop physically – however, we also stop thought loops – we succeed in becoming more and more calm, concentrated and open.

Who can join sMove?

The sMove! classes are actually suitable for EVERYONE. Individual differences in fitness, range of motion, age or symptoms can be taken into account for everyone. The technique and the concept behind it is the same for everyone. I enjoy working with a diverse gorup and can only motivate everyone to go ahead and join in! 

sMove! Workshops - Berlin

Let’s dive in and transform with the help of our naturally inherent body wisdom.

What do I mean by BODY WISDOM?

Body wisdom is an energy, a natural gift, a straightforward grasp of everything that matters to you. It has always been and always will be within you.

Body wisdom, where has it gone?

It has mostly forgotten how to function because at some point, from somewhere, you learned something that protected you, that was easier, that was once advantageous. WAS! And we can’t get rid of it because it has become so deeply ingrained in us that it often even feels like there’s no other way. It’s a former protective reflex in which we are still “unconsciously” stuck and automatically repeat, especially in trigger situations.

An innocent example, SENSE OF DUTY?

Here I don’t mean a sense of duty that arises when it makes sense, but one that creeps into freely chosen situations as a way of life. So instead of lightness and joy, flexibility and enjoyment, there is stress, irritation, seriousness, discontent, and it costs us extra energy. This can also make us really sick: burnout, sleep disorders, chronic symptoms, restlessness… Fear of failure, lack of trust, seriousness, and loneliness can also often be companions.

This excessive sense of duty is anything but harmless!

Quality of life and health suffer, our surroundings, close people experience us one-sidedly.

We want to put an end to this killjoy in our lives. With the help of the Grinberg P.A.S.S.I.O.N. process, exercises, and sMove! Dance. No prerequisites, age, or talents are required.

For each of you, this process will be uniquely individual and cleansing.


Ready for more lightness?

a transformative, somatic workshop series


So that you become free from suffering that you unconsciously continue to produce, because the past has shaped you, but it is over.


“Into the Unknown” – Let yourself be surprised by what lies behind your patterns and how your natural potential feels. Free from a sense of duty that does not want to fit you and the situation.


June 1, 10 am-2 pm, 4 hours

June 29, 1 pm-5 pm, 4 hours

July 14, 12 pm-8 pm, 8 hours


In each of the 3 workshops, we will variedly use sMove! and the P.A.S.S.I.O.N process.

sMove!: Here it’s about discovering physical sensations through movement to music. We reclaim awareness this way. Not through effort or thinking about it, but by concentrating on specially guided movements and increasingly immersing in the lightness the body feels when we move, activating our neural possibilities, and our usual thought cycles retreat.

P.A.S.S.I.O.N. Process: This structured course of discovery, recognition, engagement, and stepping out is practical in application and magical in effect. Learning this procedure is very useful and can be applied repeatedly at any time. Together, or each individually, we will repeatedly – with different aspects – release old stuck patterns and enter into what truly makes you. Let yourself be surprised!


La Caminada, Ground Floor, Böckhstr. 21, Kreuzberg, 10967 Berlin

U8 Schönleinstrasse


4-hour workshops €30-50 (June 1 + 29)

8-hour workshop €50-80 (July 14)

all 3 workshops together €100-140 (June 1, 29 + July 14)

Choose the price according to your financial means. There may also be the possibility to participate as a helping hand, please inquire specifically.


If you register by May 24, you can bring a companion for free. So it’s worth being quick 🙂

Let’s go!

Please register immediately at:

 My Classes

sMove! online training

We focus our attention on sensing our bodies and through a brief glance at the screen we also experience a group feeling. Since we don’t copy body positions or postures exactly, it’s enough to follow my instructions. One can follow a class well almost without looking at the screen. Online, learning takes place directly in our everyday living space. This often makes you notice the difference even more intensively. 



ongoing weekly online movement training

  • Feeling the earth as we sMoven! is a great way to bring us back to calmness, serenity and strength. We move and free the body, which leads us to our natural self-confidence.


In between the sessions you will receive an audio training that can be used throughout the week.

At the beginning of the corona crisis we introduced this online training. Since then, we meet almost every Saturday. In fact, it has turned out that this joining in from home – in your payjamas, after or before breakfast, with child and cat nearby – works great.
It replaces your workout alone, because we’re a motivated group coming together in that moment. By feeling ourselves and training the perception around us, we don’t have to travel anywhere at all!
The gaze is always briefly directed at the screen. Through the music and the instructions, the journey begins in your familiar environment, or even while on the road – an internet connection is now available almost everywhere.
No previous knowledge is necessary. The principle is simple – the learning is infinite;)

 one time: 17€ (includes the Audio)

3 times: 40€


Saturdays 10-11 o clock (not on 9th of december, please join the Whats App Group for actuel informations)

Link:           (Meeting-ID: 892 5797 1777)

Link  WhatsApp Group:

sMove! Level 1 - October 2024 till April 2025 - Berlin


Join us!

Experience a revitalizing journey with sMove! as we chase away the winter blues through autumn, winter, and into spring. The dynamic combination of movements and music will uplift your spirits and keep you energized throughout the season.

The sMove! Training, we combine a diverse range of movements with the rhythmic precision of the music, fostering a renewed sense of mind-body connection and enhancing both joint health and overall body strength and flexibility.

According to many participants, attention training like sMove! has been linked to increased happiness and resilience. Participants from various countries have reported positive experiences with the program.

No more post-work exhaustion this winter! Through the invigorating sMove! Training, you’ll elevate your energy levels, breaking free from fatigue with liberating body movements and mindful attention.

With its innovative approach, sMove! Training empowers you to break free from exhaustion, boredom, and monotony by embracing fluidity, fostering a sense of ease, and nurturing your overall well-being.

Join us for the sMove! Training, now available with the convenience of both in-person classes at Caminada (Böckhstr. 21, U 8 Schönleinstrasse) and interactive online classes.

During the immersive sMove! Training, from 19:45 to 21:15, we’ll guide you through a transformative journey of fluid movement, deep stretching, and mindfulness practices. This holistic approach is meticulously designed to enhance relaxation, foster heightened body awareness, and promote overall well-being.

The renowned Level 1 program, cherished by participants worldwide for decades, provides a profound journey of personal growth. Developed by Avi Grinberg, this manual will empower you to expand your attention and perception, cultivating a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

german + english

Where: Caminada, Böckhstr. 21, EG, 10967 Berlin – U 8 Schönleinstrasse – Graefekiez

Tuesdays 19:45 bis 21:15 Uhr sMove!  / Live or ONLINE

weekly Training (almost)  

Please register:


How does it work and what do we need for the ONLINE Trainings?

You need a computer with a built-in speaker and camera and a good internet connection. For better sound, connect the computer to external speakers or use Bluetooth headphones if possible.

After your registration I will send you the link to the class you have chosen. Click on the link to join the Zoom meeting. Please dial in a little early so we can start on time. When the meeting window is open, click on Speaker View in the top right corner to see me or click on Gallery View to see all participants and then click on Full Screen.


Payment in advance please:

Bank Account: Comdirect – IBAN DE49200411440850611500 – BIC COBADEHD044 – Bärbel Singer
Subject Name and date of the class

PS: NOBODY will be excluded for financial reasons, please call me and we will find a solution.

Power to the body

Movement & Attention Training




 For me, SMove is a devotion to life.
I arrive in my body. My body parts meet and I feel as a whole, grounded, cheerful and curious about life

Sonja, Berlin, Socialworker


I just feel totally comfortable in the body, as if every cell is reborn and I feel more “space” available. Without sMove! I wound not went through this “times” so well and easy, it makes me more relaxed, calmer, and more open for real enjoyment in life ??

Gerlinde, Freiburg, Educater



??? More mobile and simply also more cheerful to start the day! There would definitely be more to it: feeling younger, yes, sometimes even like a little child on the floor; rare experience at 63! ??????

Daniela, Allgäu, Teacher


By training with sMove I know now how to enjoy more in the here and now, I have more creativity and I can also slowly accept how I am … and how valuable I am.

Elisa, Berlin, Beauty Advisor




Caminada (3. Durchgang im EG) Böckhstr. 21, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, 3 Minuten von U8 Schönleinstraße entfernt.



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