What is the Grinberg Method®?

The Grinberg Method® is a method that includes everything regarding human perception. It involves learning and developing in your way of thinking and behaving on an emotional and somatic level.  It will teach you clarity of thoughts and expressive possibilities, concentration, physicality, body perception, self-observation, compassion, distance, self-confidence and the possibility to aim. You will learn to live up to your potential with more responsibility, attention and independence.


The Grinberg Method regards people as individuals, may it be spiritually, in their behavior, emotionally or physically. We are different in our abilities and qualities. We are different in the way we perceive and pay attention.

A person is able to learn specific skills that he or she needs for his or her growth and development; in order to develop personal qualities and make these grow; in order to live up to his or her full natural potential.

The Grinberg Method also regards a person in the context of his or her perception of reality. The way he or she gets his or her basic potential in touch with his or her experiences in life and the corresponding decisions he or she makes

A person is in actual reality when he or she is able to realize what is happening in a situation: with mental clarity and allowing the feelings that are addressed by it.  That way, the person can act responsibly, in a manner appropriate to the situation and at the same time meeting his or her own needs.

For who is this method suitable

The basic concept is attention on your body, the way you think and feel. This method is suitable for everyone who wishes for a change and is motivated to make it happen and let it happen.


The Grinberg Method is an educational method that teaches through the body.

It does not claim to heal, to be an alternative medicine, a massage therapy, or to be considered among the helping professions.

It is not intended for persons suffering from conditions considered life threatening. Nor for those with conditions or serious illnesses that require medical or psychiatric attention.
Moreover, it is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of required treatment.

The method has no ideological or mystical basis and does not demand any particular lifestyle.

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