body learning school: Become a  Practitioner of the Grinberg Method®  

Are you looking for a fulfilling profession? Are you interested in somatic body therapy? Do you already know the Grinberg Method® and want to learn more about it?

This profession gives you the opportunity to work with people, to discover, feel, recognize and grow with them. The programme teaches you to intensify your attention and trains your perception on many levels.

The study starts with level 1, the first year of training. It lays the foundation for the profession of a Grinberg Method® practitioner. From the very beginning, you will work with clients and grow naturally into the therapy task.

How do you become a practitioner of the Grinberg Method®?

The Grinberg Method® Level 1 training lasts one year and includes 30 days of face-to-face training.

The learning content is taught in a systematic way. The training includes lectures, demonstrations and application. After each training block, what you have learned is immediately practised and deepened. After one year you are qualified to practice as a Grinberg Practitioner® Level 1.

Become a qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method


– learn how to pay attention to the body. This includes feelings, your way of thinking, how you hold yourself and move. In short, everything that makes up a person.

– You can get an analysis of the whole person through the feet.

– Foot techniques are taught with different aims.

– Different types of touch on the body are associated with different qualities of feeling.

– What does your client need, what is lacking and where is he stuck?! We use this kind of approach to give the body more freedom again to balance and heal itself.

– You work with people who will achieve a new way of dealing with fear and pain.

– They learn from your teaching how to improve their quality of life and how to access more of their potential. This takes place on all levels, physical, cognitive, emotional.

Course of the Study (click on the arrow on the right to read on)

The course is structured in such a way that after each week you should practise and deepen what you have learned. Building on this each time, we start the next training week after two to three months.

Each training week consists of theory and practice. We show you how we approach certain topics or analyses with a client. I demonstrate a practical professional situation. You practise the topics with each other. This means that you are alternately in the role of the practitioner and the client.

You will find the exact sequence of topics in the curriculum. Developed 25 years ago and constantly adapted and optimised since then: You can rely on the efficiency of the training. In addition to the live classes, you will receive video recordings from the whole study with Avi Grinberg.

Embarking on this path requires a certain openness, curiosity, willingness and the will for personal growth.

I will happily send you further information, the dates, the curriculum and prices on request. We can arrange a personal appointment for questions.

About the Body Learning School

The Body Learning School was founded in 2019 by Grinberg Method® teacher Valentina Ragno in collaboration with Etienne Lavail. I joined in 2019 . Since 2022 the Level 1 study is also conducted at a location close to Berlin. It is the only school of the Grinberg Method in Germany.

 My Vita with the Grinberg Method®

After the start (2008) of the 3-year basic training I attended the following further trainings with the founders of the Grinberg Method® Avi Grinberg and Ruth Elkana:


  • Integrating Course (2012)
  • Verbal Communication Course (2013)
  • Intensive Course (2013)
  • Fire Course (2013)
  • Stopping Movement Trainer(sMove!) Course
  • Earth Course (2014)
  • Trainer Studies (5 weeks, 2015-16) –  to be a Trainer of the Grinberg Method®
  • Recovery I Course (2016)
  • Air Course (2018)
  • Tutoring the last 3 years of Study with Avi Grinberg (12 weeks,2018-21)
  • Member of the Body Learning School since 2019
  • Teacher of the Grinberg Method® since 2021